“This EP will showcase the songs written and recorded here in Nashville, TN. This one will be different, standing out to different themes and each song will be a creature of its own without a full concept to the Album”, Reeve says of his New EP to be released summer of 2017.  After establishing himself as a singer/songwriter in VA, Reeve moved to Nashville to get closer to the music scene and attend Belmont University.  Along with playing the local joints and bars around town, he has been able to build a loyal fan base and can reach the audience with songs that connect in a personal way.  After opening up for national touring bands and continuing to highlight new songs to his fans, Reeve has taken a different route in order to gain fans by making sure the songs he writes, really stay in the minds of the listeners.
Just as comfortable on a barstool playing in the smoky bars as he is on stage for the crowd, He doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. 

“As a songwriter and musician, I know everyone takes from what they know and have heard in music, specifically other musicians, and apply that to their own music. Nothing is as original as you believe it to be because we’re all influenced by the greats that have come before us but also those who are still in the music scene. If I were to name a few that have influenced me I’d say Glenn Frey, Bob Seger, Eric Church, Kenny Chesney, and Hank Williams Jr”. – Reeve Stimpson

There’s no way to completely define the boundary of Reeve’s music because there really aren’t any boundaries for the potential that it can reach.  While it is country by writing, it has added elements from Southern Rock and more from across all genres.   “I think this being my second EP will show off some of the writing I’ve been doing here and works well with different folks looking for new and different sounds and perspectives. It will be released soon with 5 tracks that are polished stories with rough edges”.